Ten Reasons to Invest in an Annual Car “Physical”

Your vehicle is running fine. So why bother taking it in for an inspection? A lot of reasons!

1. Cut repair costs.

Discovering a worn component before it creates major problems can save big money.

2. Safety.

A poorly maintained vehicle can drive you into a serious accident.

3. Better performance.

This translates to improved fuel economy as well as improved drivability.

4. Saving the environment.

Undermaintained vehicles are a serious contributor to air pollution.

5. Improved trade-in/resale value.

A well-maintained vehicle can be worth 2-3 times as much as one that has been neglected.

6. Better handling.

Incorrect wheel alignment, worn suspension components and/or tires cause poor ride and handling.

7. Ability to plan ahead.

When a checkup indicates future need for replacement of a part, you can budget accordingly.

8. Dependability.

A well-maintained vehicle is less likely to stall, fail to start or otherwise leave you stranded.

9. Driving enjoyment.

It’s more comfortable and more fun to drive a car that holds the road and drives well.

10. Pride of ownership.

It’s said that your car is an extension of your personality. Keep it looking like you care.

If you commit to regular inspections and perform preventive maintenance, you’ll have fewer costly repair bills and gain years of reliable service. The ASE Certified mechanics at Hillside Automotive Center are here to help. We know that purchasing a vehicle today is a significant investment and we want to help you make that vehicle last longer than you ever thought and run better than you ever hoped. Give us a call at 860-951-1083 for all your automotive needs!
Source: Car Care Council

Written by Hillside Automotive

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