Repair or replace? Do the math!

For most people, their car is their second largest investment next to their home. How do you get the best return on your investment? By keeping your car through the ‘Cinderella Era’, the period of time after it’s paid off when your car is still in great shape and needs only modest repairs. Budgeting for

tires leaning on wall

4 tips to get the most from your tires | National Tire Safety Week

  A lot is riding on your tires. It pays to choose wisely and care for them regularly. Proper tire maintenance not only improves gas mileage, it is also critical to your safety. Proper maintenance begins with your choice of tire.   Don’t choose your tires based solely on lowest price or appearance. Tires should

Wet windshield

Are you ready for wet spring driving? | National Car Care Month

  April is National Car Care Month and spring is finally here! Most drivers know to take precautions and be prepared for winter driving, but spring driving comes with its own challenges.   Winter recovery When spring cleaning, don’t forget your car. Winter took a toll on your car. Here in New England, in addition

Car hitting pothole

Watch out for those potholes!

A childhood memory is having the wind knocked out when you fell off a swing in mid-air, or your friend laughingly slid off their end of the seesaw when they were down and you were up. POW! That's the kind of jolt your car feels when one wheel hits a pothole at 40 mph.  

200,000 miles or more: Make your car go the distance

“With proper care, many of today’s cars can last 200,000 miles or more,” says Consumer Reports. In addition, “Owners seeking to limit repair costs by trading in their vehicle every three to five years may lose out on thousands of savings.” The key is regular, quality maintenance. When comparing the costs of buying and keeping