Get your college student (and their car!) ready for school.

 August is slipping away faster than you’d think. Do you have a child getting ready to take their vehicle back to college with them? With so many other things to worry about, it’s easy to forget to make sure that they are prepared to care for their car and that their car is in great shape before they head off.
“Learning the essential points of car care is something that ideally should be part of the process of learning to drive,” said John Nielsen, director of AAA Approved Auto Repair and Auto Buying. “But often those key points are never taught or only briefly reviewed and never utilized because the teen’s vehicle is maintained by someone else while they are living at home.”

Review some basic car care with your child before they go:


  • Teach them where to find the correct pressure for their car and how to check their tire pressure monthly when the tires are cold.

  • Show them how to inspect their tread depth for wear.

  • Explain their car’s oil change schedule and how important it is.

  • Stock their trunk with some basic emergency supplies such as water, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

  • Check for an ice scraper and some salt or kitty litter.  Snow frequently starts in some areas well before they’re home for Thanksgiving.

  • Make sure they know what to do in the event of a breakdown or accident.  If you provide them with AAA make sure they know how and when to use their services.

Equally important, have their oil changed and their car inspected before they go! Bring it to us at Hillside Automotive for an oil change or service and we will perform our 50-point courtesy inspection. We will make sure that they head out with a safe and reliable car to give you one less thing to worry about.

Written by Hillside Automotive

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