Dealer Service Center or Independent Auto Repair Shop: 4 reasons to cultivate a relationship with your local garage

A vehicle is the second biggest investment for many people after their home. The best way to maximize that investment is to take proper care of it. So when it’s time for your scheduled service or you’re in need of repairs, do you head to the dealer or your neighborhood garage? Take the time to establish a relationship with an independent auto shop and your car (and wallet) will thank you.

Build trust

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Having confidence and trust in the person who maintains its safety and reliably is invaluable. When you build loyalty to your favorite independent shop, they’re going to be loyal to you too and want you to have the best quality repairs they can offer.

Faster repairs

When you frequent the same shop, the technicians there know your vehicle’s service history and are familiar with you and your car concerns. You can speak directly with the person who will be working on your vehicle and discuss any issues. They can diagnose problems faster because they know how your driving habits could have impacted your vehicle, what parts are new, and what services were recently performed. Narrowing down the potential issues quicker gets you back on the road sooner.

Save money

That faster diagnostic time also translates directly into lower labor costs for you. Familiarity with you and your vehicle allows your Service Advisor help you make informed decisions about which services to prioritize and which can wait. Neglected issues can snowball into more expensive repairs later, so having guidance you can trust can save you from some future big bills. Smaller shops also usually have far less overhead and consequently much better prices than a large dealer, who has to pay manufacturer and franchise fees.

Personal service

A quality independent auto shop like Hillside Automotive provides personal service you won’t receive from a big dealership. When you call you get a live person on the phone, probably the same one that will greet you when you arrive. They remember you and your car. When you need flexibility like a same day appointment or a late pick up, the small shop is more likely to accommodate loyal customers whenever they can. You are more likely to be offered the best deals they are running or a ride to work while your car is serviced.

Independent auto shops continue to outscore dealership service departments on Consumer Reports surveys in satisfaction, price, quality, and service. For superior service from an independent family business you can trust, Hillside Automotive is the place to call. Call 860-951-1083 today for an appointment or use our convenient online scheduling.

Written by Hillside Automotive

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