It’s Tire Safety Week.

Properly maintaining your tires not only improves gas mileage, it is also critical to your safety. It pays to choose wisely and care for them regularly.

Proper maintenance begins with your choice of tire. Don’t choose your tires based solely on lowest price or appearance. Tires should be chosen to correctly match your vehicles recommended size and typical driving patterns. Used tires are never a deal as they compromise your safety. They could have been repaired, improperly inflated, driven overloaded, or have their components broken down from age or by weather.

Keep a tire gauge in your car and check your tire pressure at least monthly when the tires are cold. Improper inflation causes uneven wear and handling problems. Don’t forget to check your spare. The side of an unfamiliar highway is not where you want to find out it’s flat.

Rotate your tires every 6000 miles and have your alignment checked periodically. Misalignment and uneven wear causes extra stress on your shocks and struts, leading to premature wear and expensive repairs.

Do not overload your vehicle. The excessive heat created in your tires can lead to failure.

The importance of properly maintaining your tires CANNOT be overemphasized. Remember tires are the only contact between your vehicle and the road.

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Written by Hillside Automotive

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