Check It Twice: Your Holiday Travel Checklist

Are you ready for your holiday travels? Chances are your plans will involve traveling in the dark or the snow. Don't get stuck in the cold. Get your vehicle ready for winter weather now.

Restock your emergency supplies.

Every vehicle should have a well-stocked emergency kit. Ensure you have a flashlight, a first aid kit, a multipurpose tool, jumper cables, emergency cash, and bottled water. When traveling in the winter, include extra blankets or coats, salt or kitty litter, an ice scraper, a small shovel, and emergency food.

Have your car battery and charging system tested.

The temperature extremes of winter are hard on your battery, as is powering a bunch of accessories like vehicle entertainment systems. Batteries don’t always give warning signs. Don’t wait until it fails at an inconvenient time before having it replaced.

Top off the washer fluid and inspect your wipers.

Good visibility is critical to your family’s safety. If your wipers are older than six months or are brittle and cracking, replace them before you head out.

Check your tire treads and pressure.

Ice and slush are even more hazardous with balding tires. An overloaded car filled with the whole family and accompanying presents and food increases the likelihood of failure on a worn out tire. Use the penny test to help evaluate if you need new tires before heading out.

Test all lights and bulbs.

Being able to see and be seen is crucial in poor weather conditions. Replace bulbs on a schedule rather than waiting until they burn out completely. Headlight bulbs can dim over time, and you may not be aware of the gradual loss of visibility. Cloudy lenses can dramatically reduce light output and should be restored and polished.

Check your spare.

When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your spare tire? The side of an dark, snowy highway is not where you want to find out it’s flat. If you've never used them, check the location of your jack and tools so you aren’t hunting for them in a stressful situation.

Have your car professionally inspected.

We can catch problems before you are stranded away from home.

Come to Hillside Automotive in Hartford for service and have one of our mechanics perform our 50-point courtesy inspection to make sure that you and your vehicle are ready for the snow and ice. Our NAPA Auto Care Piece of Mind Nationwide Warranty means you are covered for 24 months/24,000 miles no matter where the holidays take you. Call Bob at 860-951-1083 for an appointment or schedule online today.

Written by Hillside Automotive

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